Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Done with the GI Specialist

Yesterday, Ezra had his four month appointment. He lost 1 oz from last Wednesday. Other than that, he looked great, but we had to push his 4 mo. shots to next week, since he got his 2 month shots less than 60 days ago.

Today was Ezra's GI Specialist appointment. First thing was an ultrasound of his belly, which looked great. Then we saw the specialist. Today they weighed him at 14 lb 6.5 oz. This is 1.5 oz up from yesterday and .5 oz up from last week. I was worried that the specialist was not going to be happy about this, but he was ok with it, since he gained 3 lbs in the prior 3 weeks. The specialists have decided that he has nothing more than reflux and since we have been able to get him to gain weight, they are no longer concerned. They expect him to start growing out of the reflux over the next few months. So this was great news! We will need to continue to go in to our regular peditrician every 1-2 weeks for weight checks, but as long as he keeps gaining sufficient weight we do not need to go back to the GI specialist!

So this was a great day. Ezra was a very happy baby. He smiled at everyone and everyone said he was the cutest baby. He has also been wiggling and moving all over the place. He scoots on his back across the floor and he is *this* close to rolling over from his back to his tummy. He keeps trying it, but can't quite get over.

Well, time for bed. Calvin leaves for a business trip in the morning, so pray for safe travels for him and that I survive three days alone with the boys.

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