Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock a bye baby...

We had a rather eventful weekend.  On Friday afternoon a severe storm rolled through our area with winds over 70 mph.  Calvin arrived home with the boys about 4:15 and discovered that we had no power. After investigating, he found that a rather large tree from our neighbors' yard had come down into our backyard and had taken a power pole down with it, breaking the pole in at least three places and pulling down all the lines.  There were trees down all over our town, so we knew it would take a while to get power again.  The boys and I went to a friend's house while Calvin had to go to a wedding rehearsal that he was doing sound for. 

After the rain ended, we checked out the damage and realized that besides the power lines being down, we were smelling gas.  After reporting all the damage to the energy company, we decided that the boys and I would head up to my parents' house for the weekend and Calvin would stay down here to take care of coordinating the repairs and because he had to do the sound for that wedding on Saturday. 

Thankfully the energy company really worked hard and were able to replace the pole and restore our power by Saturday night after having no power for almost 30 hours.  The gas had been turned off Friday evening, so Sunday afternoon the gas company came back to fix the gas leak and the cable came back to rewire the internet lines.  So everything is working again.

So now the clean-up begins.  We still have a number of wires in our backyard and most of the three is one our property. And a good chunk of our fence is down.  Thankfully we had no damage to our house.
The tree down before the power company came.

The pile of tree trunks.

Our back fence. You can also see the top of the power pole. 

A big chunk of our fence down.

The large part of the tree trunk.

The root system. It was 8-10 feet off the ground and left a decent sized hole.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm still here

I'm here! I promise! I am just very busy. School started June 1 and it has been a whirlwind of classes and homework and trying to find time to spend with my boys.  Classes are going well, but very busy. This first session is especially hard, because we have to fit six weeks worth of class (which is already a lot) into five weeks. I am taking Nursing Assessment and Health & Nutrition. Health & Nutrition is a breeze (the exam class average is a high A), but Nursing Assessment makes worries me a bit. It is very interesting and I love the prof, but doing an assessment is really involved! Taking blood pressure makes me nervous. I had to do my check-off today and my partner took my blood pressure first. My blood pressure is normally about 105/65 or so. During check-offs it was 122/82! But I passed my check-off. So now I just have to get ready for the mastery assessment. That is a head to toe assessment that involves all the body systems. It is a lot to remember!

Well, it's been a long day (It's now quarter to 11 and I've been up since six this morning and was in class from 8:30 to 5:30, took a test, and had a meeting at church.) so I'm going to bed.