Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another appointment, Another challenge

So Ezra had his follow-up appointment with the GI specialist today. He gained 2.5 oz since Friday, which was acceptable. So in the last two weeks he has gained 2 lbs 1 oz which is more than he had gained in the previous three months. So that is great.

The doctor still wants to see if this is a cow's milk protein allergy. So Ezra is going to stay on this fancy formula for another two weeks to see if we see a difference in the spitting up. This is quite expensive ($189 for six cans!). I would like to go back to breastfeeding, so right now I am still pumping. If it is a allergy, then in order to keep breastfeeding, I need to be on a cow's milk/ soy free diet for three weeks before I can start breastfeeding. So I am starting the diet tomorrow (I wanted one more night of milk and ice cream!)

Now, I know what you're thinking, ok, no milk, no ice cream, that sucks, but not too big of a deal. Well, then you haven't been reading labels. There are milk proteins or soy proteins in just about everything. Basically I have to eat foods made from scratch. So I guess I'm going to be getting back on my diet, since cookies and candy are out.

So I hope this isn't too incorherant, I'm rather tired. Next step is that we continue the formula and pumping for the next two weeks and then he goes in for his 4 month appointment and a weight check. At that point we will decide whether or not the formula is working. If it is not working, we will most likely go back to breastfeeding with added cereal, since that helped him gain weight. His weight is also still a consideration. If he stops gaining at any point, they will have to change his diet and possibly hospitalize him. So we are hoping that he continues to gain weight.

So again, we thank you for your prayers. We know that this is all in God's hands.

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