Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mama Mocha

As I mentioned earlier, my in-laws like going for coffee, which meant I drank a lot of coffee this weekend. I especially like Mochas, so that's my usually drink. Matthias picked up the word coffee, as we had to keep telling him that he could not drink out of our cups, because coffee is hot (and of course little boys don't need to be drinking it either). My father-in-law was trying to teach him to say Carmel Machiatto (that's his drink at Starbucks). Then we moved on to teaching him to say Mocha. So he started saying 'Mama Mocha?'

Well, today I overheard him talking on his play phone. He was saying 'Get coffee, for Mama'.

Maybe it's time to cut back.

So blessed

This past weekend was my Sister in law's bridal showers, so myself and the boys went with my in-laws to Michigan for the weekend. The weekend went great. The showers (the one I threw and one from her fiance's family) were lovely and the boys and I had a ton of fun with my in-laws. We drank tons of coffee and laughed a lot.

This weekend just reminded me how blessed I am to have married into such a great family. Many of my friends were not so lucky and do not get along with either their parents or their in-laws. My mother- and father-in law treat me as if I am their own child. My brothers- and sister-in-laws treat me as a sibling. God has blessed me with two great families who love and support me. I am so blessed!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sick Kiddos

So we've had a rough weekend. Friday afternoon, I noticed that Ezra's eyes were all gunky. Saturday, they weren't any better and he woke up from his nap with a fever. I called the nurse line and the nurse recommended we take him in to get seen. Unfortunately the walk-in clinic had just closed, so we ended up having to take him into the ER. I'm not looking forward to that bill.

We arrived at the clinic and Ezra's fever had jumped to 102.8 deg. The triage nurse started by giving him tylenol and motrin to bring the fever down quickly. Then the doctor examined him and found that he had a double eye infection and a double ear infection. Poor baby has had a hard time sleeping last night.

When I came from with Ezra from the ER, Calvin informed me that Matthias had asked to go to bed at 6:30. Calvin was suspicious (the kid usually fights bed time) and took his temp. He was also running a fever. Sunday afternoon, his eyes started to gunk up. This morning he was feeling horrible. I had to bring Ezra in to his peditrician for a follow-up, so I made an appointment for both of them. Matthias also has a double eye infection and double ear infection as well. Poor baby. So now we have two sick little boys on antibiotics. At least they are sleeping better.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Nap time Nudists

So Matthias insisted today that he needed to take his nap on his bed in the sleeping room. I was planning to keep Matthias in our bed during nap time, so Ezra could get a good nap, but against my better judgment, I let him go to bed in his own bed. Ezra had been asleep and Matthias promised he would go to sleep without talking.

Well, I should know better than to trust a two year old. As soon as I closed the door, I heard him climbing into the crib and saying "Hi Efra, Hi!". I guess naptime was over. Well, I had to study and I heard Matthias say, "Ok, go to sleep, Efra!", so I was hoping the boys would fall asleep. Naive mommy.

I go back after a little while and both of the boys are standing completely naked in the crib. Now we know that Ezra cannot get his pjs off, but Matthias can, so it looks like Matthias helped Ezra out of his pjs and diaper. I had to laugh, because Ezra was so proud of himself for being naked! It really was kind of cute. And thankfully, neither had pooped and only one blanket was peed on.

Thankfully, then went to sleep better tonight.