Friday, August 27, 2010

Sore mouth, broken car

So last week, while we were on vacation, someone hit our van (that we've had for like six weeks). Calvin and I had gone out for dinner to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and when we walked out of the restaurant we discovered that someone had hit our van and left. No note or anything.  It looks like it was a big black truck and it smashed the two passenger doors.  Great fun. We had to wait for the cop to come so we could file a report (though the cop was really nice about it).  And of course since we have no idea who it was that hit us and the likelihood of ever finding out who it was is slim to none, we are out our $500 deductible.

That also meant that this week I had to bring it in to get fixed. No big deal, especially since I am on break, right? Well, Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth out and the earliest we could bring it in was Wednesday. So I brought it in, no problem. The rental car guy met me at the collision place with my rental car for while the van is being fixed. A nice, brand new black Lincoln Town Car.  Apparently we have a $40 a day rental allowance and the rental company wanted to give us a car that used pretty much all of that amount. Anyways, I think I freaked out the rental guy when I had to sit down while he was showing me the car because I got woozy. I was fine to drive, since I was fine sitting down, just standing for any length of time kind of did me in.

So the estimate on the van is $2128 and we won't get it back until at least Thursday.  My teeth are starting to feel better, though I'm still eating only soft foods and loving my pain meds.  And Matthias looks for Grandpa Doornbos every he sees the rental car, since three of the last four cars Grandpa has rented while down here have been Lincoln's.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I know it's been a while. School was crazy and now I'm on vacation.  I finished the summer semester strong with all As and am finishing up week one of a two week break.

No long post tonight, just a quick Matthias story. We're driving down main street in Branson, MO (where we're currently on vacation).  One of the buildings has a fake King Kong on the side of it.  We told Matthias to look out his window at the monkey. He sees it and goes 'Oh monkey'. And then he goes  'Oh No, Oh No, Oh No. Boom." Apparently in his head the monkey fell off the building.