Saturday, January 2, 2010

The tale of two pregnancies

So in true New Years fashion, I was thinking back about 2009. Now the biggest thing for us in 2009 was Ezra's health issues. I was thinking about that as well as my pregnancies with both Ezra and Matthias and I was reflecting on how different my pregnancies, labors, and their babyhoods were.

My pregnancy with Matthias was more difficult. I had horrible morning (all day) sickness. Until I was put on medication, I threw up 4 or 5 times a day and was barely able to function. Even after the medication I threw up at least every other day, if not every day until I delivered. I was hospitalized at about 22 weeks with kidney stones and a severe kidney infection. I had severe sciatic pain, which at times made it difficult to walk or even get out of bed. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I was put on modified bedrest due to high blood pressure.

I ended up being induced because my blood pressure was up, I was spilling protein in my urine, and I was at 41 wks 4 days. My labor was not difficult. I was on pitocin, but the contractions were not painful at all until my water broke. Even after my water broke, I was in pain, but the pain was managable. I did end up getting one shot of narcotics. I pushed for an hour and half and then my 9 lb baby boy was born.

Matthias was a little gassy, but otherwise a pretty healthy baby. He was active and walked at nine months. He is still a curious and very clever little boy.

My pregnancy with Ezra was much easier. I threw up about once a day during my first trimester, but that was it and I didn't even have to go on medication. No kidney issues, no high blood pressure, no sciatic pain. My pregnancy was easy and wonderful.

My water broke bringing on the beginning of my labor at 40 wks 2 days. The pain was a lot worse and unbearable. I received an epidural (but it didn't kick in in time). I was only in labor three and a half hours and only pushed for three minutes (two pushes) before I delivered my second beautiful son at 9 lbs 6 oz.

Ezra was/is such a happy baby. He smiled at three weeks and hasn't stopped since. But he had a much rougher babyhood. At five days old, he was admitted to the hospital to spend some time under billi lights to treat his jaundice. Even though we were told his jaundice would go away after a couple a weeks, three weeks after his birth, he was still yellow and showing symptoms that are affliated with severed bad jaundice. we ended up taking him into the ER in Canada the day after Christmas to get his levels monitored. His levels were high, but not dangerous. He ended up having blood tests one to two times a week until his levels returned to the normal range at two months. The doctor thought his other symptoms might be due to colic. Well, he did not have colic.

After a few weeks, we discovered that he was no longer gaining weight. And after a brief bout of RSV, he lost weight. After trying some different medications, we were referred to a specialist and he was diagnosed Failure to Thrive. Ezra had multiple tests and was eventually diagnosed as having Unexplained Severe Reflux. We found a feeding system (formula mixed with rice cereal) that helped him gain weight. Since then he has thrived! Like I said earlier, he is such a happy little boy! He is working on walking (he's a chicken, so won't take more than a couple of steps) and loves eating (especially cheese).

This revelation reminded me how different each pregnancy and each baby can be and I wouldn't have it any other way.