Saturday, March 7, 2009

No improvement

In fact, I'm pretty sure that Ezra's spitting up has gotten worse. We have been adding rice cereal to his milk since Thursday, but he is still spitting up. Maybe even more so than before we started adding the cereal. My in-laws are here and my mother in law has been wearing a towel while feeding him, because he has spit up all over her a couple of times already. So Monday is his x-ray and on Tuesday I have to call the nurse and they will probably be switching him to some kind of formula to see if that helps. I am hoping that maybe he will still gain some weight, since there are extra calories in his feedings. So maybe he is keeping down enough to gain some weight. We'll see.

In good news, Matthias seems to be doing better. He did not have a fever today and seems to be more himself, although he is still quite tired.

Other good news, tomorrow is Ezra's baptism. I'm very excited. It will also be nice to get back to church. Since the boys have been sick, we haven't been to church or any of our bible studies or activities for a couple weeks.

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