Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"We are ok. Really, we're ok..."

Is never the first thing you want to hear out of someone's mouth when they call you unexpectedly. Especially if that someone is driving with your children. But that was the beginning of the phone call I got this evening. Matthias and Ezra were riding in a car with Grandma and Grandpa D, when a woman ran a red light. Both cars are totalled, but everyone will be alright. After getting the phone call (I was shopping with my brother in law), I met them at the scene of the accident. The car looked awful and was in no way driveable (they front end was destroyed and although the paramedics thought they were both alright, I decided to have them brought to the ER to get checked out again.  Since they are so young, I didn't want to take chances. They can't really tell us if something hurts very well.  So the boys and I took a nice ambulance ride to the children's hospital. They are fine though. Matthias has some bruising on his shoulders and chest from his carseat straps, but no broken bones. Ezra seems completely fine. My father in law has a small burn on his arm from the air bag and my mother in law is a little sore, but they are both going to be just fine. Mom and dad already got a new rental car and tomorrow we will be going to get the boys new carseats. 

I am so thankful to God that they are alright. 

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