Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm done... for now

So I finished my Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology class tonight. We had the final tonight and I got an A, which means I'll get an A in the class!

If anyone of you out there have aspirations of being a professor (or any other type of teacher), one word of advice. Your words should match your actions! (I guess that advice could go for anyone). The reason I say this, is that as a student, it is very frustrating when you are told one thing and then something completely different happents.

What do I mean? Well about a month ago, we had a test. We were told that it would be on four chapters and that there would be 60-70 multiple choice questions and that we would be able to use our book for about 20 minutes during the testing time. When it came to the day of the test, he gave us a two part test. Part one was on the first two chapters and was 80 some multiple choice questions. We were allowed to use our book for about 20 minutes. Part two was 40 some matching questions on the second two chapters and we were not allowed to use our book. Some may ask what the big deal is. Well the last chapter was very difficult to understand and so many people had chosen to instead study hard for the first three chapters (that they did understand) and then plan on using their book for the questions from the last chapter. So a number of people did not do so well.

Then comes today's final. One day he told us that it would be multiple choice and maybe an essay. The next time it was going to be true/false, multiple choice, and maybe some matching. But every time, what he consistently said was that all the questions would be taken exactly off the tests. Well the test consisted of 100 questions and at least a dozen of them were not from our previous tests. But we were allowed to use our book for the test, which for those people like myself enjoy hurting our backs by lugging that 7 and a half pound book with us, was not a big deal. But since he had made no mention of it a head of time, there were a number of people that did not have books with them.

Eh, I could go on, but the bottom line is I'm done with it, I got an A, and I don't have to worry about studying for three weeks! (Shortest summer break of my life!)

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