Friday, May 14, 2010

My little Strongman

Today we went to the park. The double stroller was in my car trunk which Calvin drove to work today, so I brought the boys in the wagon. We had a nice time playing with our friends there. When it came time to go home, I strapped Ezra in the wagon and went to get Matthias. He didn't really want to go, but he wanted to pull the wagon. I thought he was just going to help me, but insisted on pulling it by himself. Mind you, Ezra is in the wagon, so the wagon weighs almost as much as Matthias himself. He was so stubborn he would not let me touch the wagon and insisted on pulling the wagon the entire three blocks home from the park over the rough terrain that is our city sidewalks. He did very well. He just needed a little help going up the ramps at the corners and I had to take Ezra out so he could pull it through the backyard to put it away in the garage. It just blew me away at how strong he is.

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