Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time Flies

Three years ago at this time, I was holding a precious little newborn. Now Matthias is a little boy who is sweet and mischievous all at the same time. Oh how time flies. I look at his baby pictures and can't imagine how that tiny (ok, maybe not so tiny) baby has become such a tall little man that walks and talks. I just thank God for every day I have been blessed to be his mother.

Many of you don't know, but when I was thirteen weeks pregnant, we had a scare where the midwife couldn't find his heartbeat and thought that I had had a missed miscarriage. We had to wait almost twenty four hours before we could get an ultrasound (small town, small hospital), which was the most agonizing twenty four hours of my life. The most beautiful sound in the world was his perfect little heartbeat on the ultrasound machine the next morning. That was the day I knew I wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world. Up until that point I was scared not so sure (the pregnancy was unexpected and we were young), but those twenty four hours of not knowing confirmed that this was what I wanted. And now I count every day I have with Matthias (and now Ezra) blessed, because I know I have been blessed with amazing kids.

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