Monday, April 26, 2010

This just reaffirms the plan.

So as you all know, I am the mother of two small and adorable (yet adventuresome) boys. And I am going back to school full time in order to become a Nurse Midwife. I have felt that this was God's plan for me and our family and I am excited to get started.

Some people wonder why I am choosing to give up being a stay at home mom and enter school full time. Well, the truth is that I am not cut out to be a stay at home mom. I love my children, but I need more. I am not happy being home all day. I thought that part of the reason was that I did not have a vehicle available and that being stuck was the root of my unhappiness. But in the last two weeks I have had a vehicle that I could use as much as I liked. And although I enjoy getting out and having the freedom to run errands when I want, I realize that being stuck at home was not the root of my unhappiness.

What makes me happy? Lots of things, including spending time with boys and my husband. But I also love going to school. I love learning things and doing well at school. I like interacting with other people. I am such a social person that I need to be with other people and unfortunately toddler communication doesn't always cut it.

God has given me so many talents and I am excited to use them in so many diverse ways. Being a mother, a wife, a friend, for now a student, and hopefully one day a midwife! I just can't wait to see how God's plan unfolds in my life.

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  1. I think that the work vs stay at home thing is a tough place to be. I am currently full-time sahm and I love it. But at the same time I'm like you, I would like something to challenge me intellectually. I'm blessed to have the farm though which will be able to fill that for me and I'll still be able to technically stay at home. I think that after the schooling it sounds like you'll have decent control over your schedule plus you'll be doing something very rewarding. It's just about taking one day at a time and being where God wants you to be today!