Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rough night

so yesterday, we moved Matthias into Ezra's room. This was because we want the boys to share a room when/if we have future kids. But since we are not planning on having these potential children for another five or six years, we don't want them to get used to having their own rooms and then suddenly have to share. So we thought now would be a good time since they both sleep through the night and are young enough that they adjust well.

So yesterday was the big move. And they went to sleep right away. No problems. But this morning Ezra woke up at six and then woke up Matthias. And no one was going back to sleep.

So tonight was night two of going to bed together. I knew that it would not be as easy as it was last night. And it wasn't. We tried to get Ezra to go to sleep first (he was super tired), but he wouldn't go to sleep. Finally we had to lay Matthias down too. And then they started playing and talking. And Matthias started climbing into the crib. Which of course made Ezra upset. It's been going on for four hours and they are just finally starting to be quiet. Maybe this means they'll sleep in? I can only hope.

I know the first few days will be rough, but I wanted to get this all done before I start school and they start daycare in June. so hopefully we all survive the next three months!

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