Monday, February 1, 2010

So it's been awhile...

but January was a busy month. I am one of the organizers for a high school youth retreat here in Wisconsin, which took place Jan 21-24. So I had to spend a lot of evenings preparing for that on top of my normal schedule. I also started class again on Jan 20. This semester, I'm taking my class at night, which has made for some interesting scheduling. Taking it at night has allowed us to be able to not put the boys in daycare, as Calvin gets home before I leave. This is great because it saves us more than $200 a month, but makes our lives more hectic. For example, this week: Mon-class, Tues-Calvin has a Deacon's meeting, Wed-class, Thurs-I have a Worship Committee meeting, Fri-Calvin has GTsquared (men's gaming ministry). So basically we won't have any evening to spend together has a family. And it is hard for me to find time to study. Last semester, I would study at night, but this semester that doesn't always work. I've been trying to study during nap time, but the boys aren't consistently taking naps at the same time. Today Matthias played quietly long enough for me to prepare for tonight's quiz, but that doesn't happen every day. And of course that means that I don't have time to do house work. So life is busy.

Anyways, what else is new with us? I found out that Marquette will not be sending out acceptance letters until March, which means I will probably go crazy waiting. But that also makes me glad that we decided not to move to Milwaukee, because that would have been very stressful with such a short time frame.

Boys are doing well. Matthias has been putting poop on the walls again, so we've been dealing with a few messes and discipline issues. Ezra is walking finally, but also seems to be getting another cold. He had a sinus infection in January and was on antibiotics and got better, but is now coughing again.

Calvin's job is going well. He got an excellent year-end review and a nice bonus, so that will help us financially, especially since if I do get into school, we'll need any extra money we can get.

I found a dress for my sister in law's wedding. I'm the matron of honor and Matthias is the ring bearer. I was excited, because not only did I find something I like, it was on clearance and was only $23.50!

Wow, this is post is random and ramblely. I need to go get ready for class and make supper. I will hopefully post more often!

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