Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Good Bye Grandma

Yesterday my Grandma went to be with Jesus in Heaven. It was sudden but not unexpected. She was 88 or 89 (I can't remember which) and has had some health problems for a long time. I'm not sure all the details, just that she fell and they lost her either on the way to the hospital or shortly after arriving. The funeral is probably going to be this weekend.

Although she will be missed, I rejoice that she is in heaven with Jesus and feels no pain. She is joining my Grandpa who passed away 25 years ago and my uncle Robert who passed away 3 years ago. She has been ready to go home to Jesus for a long time. She is happy now, it is just us that are left behind that mourn.

There are so many great memories that I have of my Grandma. I remember how much she liked to bake and crochet. I remember being a little girl and making "Grandma" buns and how she made really little ones just for me. I remember how she always had cookies in her freezer for when we came to visit. I still have some of the little doellies (sp?) that she crocheted. She was a great woman and she will be missed.

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