Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A busy, busy day

As many of you know, Calvin and I only have one car. So most days I do not have a vehicle available and just stay home with the boys (or maybe go for a walk). Well, since Calvin works about 20 miles away, when I need a car I have to get up really early and wake up the boys and drive Calvin to work and then pick him up again at the end of the day (during nap time usually). So I try to avoid needing the car as much as possible. That means I have days like yesterday where I pile a ton of stuff into one day so that I can make good use of having the car. So here was my day.

First brought Calvin to work. Came home and got the boys fed and ready for the day (including a short nap for Ezra.)

Then brought the boys to the doctor's office for Ezra's 9 month appt. He's now 20lbs 11 oz and 29.5 inches long which means that he has officially outgrown his carseat and I need to clean Matthias' old seat for him. All the staff is excited to see Ezra and amazed at how big he has gotten. When you go in so often, you make an impression and it has been 3 months since Ezra last went there (new record for him!). Ezra got the flu shot and Matthias got the flu mist.

Next stop was Taco Bell's for lunch. Or should I say we went through the drive-thru and then ate in the parking lot because Ezra had fallen asleep and there was no way I was moving him.

After Ezra woke up and had a bottle, we went to the library so that we could get some books and a couple of dvds. Matthias did not want to leave, but alas we had too. Right after leaving the library I had to pull into a parking lot to move Matthias' carseat. Ezra's seat is right behind the driver and we had had Matthias' seat in the middle so that we could take an additional passenger if needed, but Matthias kept bugging Ezra (pulling out his pacifier and throwing it on the other side of the car) so I moved his seat to behind the passenger seat. No one gets to ride with us anymore.

Then we had to go to Matthias' first dentist appointment. As I had mentioned earlier, Matthias had fallen and broken his front two teeth. The one on the right is a very small chip and nothing to be concerned about. The one on the left is much more broken and discolored. The dentist said at this point it is nothing to worry about. We just need to watch it and if it becomes infected it will need to be pulled. Otherwise she would rather not put Matthias through the trauma of pulling a tooth. The appointment went fairly well. Matthias did not enjoy her looking at his teeth, but was happy again when they brought him a balloon and a Wall-E battery operated tooth brush and a Cars sticker. They also took a picture of his first dentist visit!

After the dentist visit, we went to get Calvin. He actually took off early yesterday because I had orientation at Gateway (where I am taking Human Anatomy and Physiology as a prerequiste for my Midwifery program).

We got Calvin and then I dropped him and the boys off at home. I then ran to RadioShack to drop off our laptop (this is a loner computer from my parents that I am using) because it needs to be fixed. Then I went to the bookstore at Gateway ($225 just for the required books for the class. That is not including the recomended book. I am waiting on those until I start the class so I can see really how recommended those are). And then I had New Student Orientation, which unfortunately was rather boring. Oh well.

So finally after that I got home. But Calvin had a Deacon's meeting at church, so when I got home I had to load up the kids in the car to take home the babysitter, who had come to watch the boys for the hour of overlap Calvin and I had in our schedule. So dropped her off and then came home and put the boys to bed and finally had a chance to relax.

These crazy days make it possible for Calvin and I to share a car. If I had an appointment or something every day, it would make it very difficult on the boys and I. It will be hard enough when I start my class and I will need the car twice a week. I am hoping to put appointments on those days as well in order to cut down on car days. Oh the joys of only one car.

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  1. Philip and I are working on selling his car and becoming a one-car couple. Fortunately, we have good public transportation here...but I'm not sure I could picture wrangling two young children on the bus. :) Good luck! Midwifery sounds like a great fit for you!