Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I should be studying

but this is more fun. And I haven't written in forever! And I have lots of news. (Do you think I have enough reasons to avoid studying for my test?)

So let's see. We spent Easter with my family. It was nice to be able to relax and celebrate our Savior's resurrection.

Then we bought a new car! Calvin and I have been sharing a car since we got married. Up until then, neither of us had owned a car and we bought the PT Crusier from his parents when we got married, so we have not had to do the whole searching and buying a car thing. This was a new and stressful situation. We needed a second car so I could get to school, and after almost five years of having only one car, I was ready to have a car (Calvin had the car most days and so the boys and I were stuck at home or if we needed a car, we had to bring Calvin to work).

So we went out shopping. We decided we wanted a low milage vehicle because my commute is over 4o miles each way, which means I will be putting on approximately 100,000 miles before I graduate. So buying a vehicle with 50k miles would mean that we would probably end up with either large repair bills or even having to replace my car before I graduated, which if we were going to have to be making car payments, would not fit in the budget. So we were looking for a newer car with low miles. We were talking with my dad and he said that we should consider a new car, since we were going to be putting so many miles on it.

We talked about it and decided to check out our options. We looked into financing for an used car and financing for a new car. We checked out our top two car choices (Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus) and both were offering 0% financing for new cars. When we priced out new Corollas and Focus, we found that it was difficult to find a good low mileage car that would give us a smaller monthly payment. When we compared the Corolla and the Focus, we found that Toyota was giving much better deals, which allowed us to get more car for less money with the Corolla. So we bought a Capri Sea Metallic 2010 Toyota Corolla LE! I love the car. It drives so much nicer than the PT and the freedom of having a second car is awesome!

That was April 10, and this past weekend I threw a baby shower for my friend Anne and her husband Josh. I thought it went very well and I really enjoyed having Josh and Anne stay with us for the weekend. Unfortunately, my house is still a mess, but it is slowing getting more and more cleaned up. I had a test on Monday and have another test tonight for my Human Anatomy and Physiology class, so there has not been a lot of time left for cleaning (and I avoid cleaning as much as possible anyways).

Let's see. What else is new. I got my financial aid package for the summer term. It was just two federal loans. I was a little disappointed, but I know that the summer term counts for the 09-10 school year and that means that most grants and stuff have already been given away a long time ago. I am hoping that I receive more scholarships and grants for the 10-11 school year. Thankfully the loans will cover what we need them to cover, tuition, books, daycare, car loan, gas, etc.

So this update blog is getting to be very long. And I really should be studying. I have lots more to talk about (like curtains!), but I'll wait and blog again soon!

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