Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't touch my cracker!

Ezra is learning that Matthias likes to eat and likes his food and does not share well. Today, we were getting ready to learn how to climb done the stairs (Ezra can get up really well, but cannot get done very well). Matthias was climbing all over and had a graham cracker in his hand. Well, Ezra thought that the cracker looked pretty tasty, so he reached over to grab it from Matthias. Matthias was not about to give up his cracker, so he pushed Ezra down the stairs. It happened so fast I couldn't catch him, even though I was right there. Thankfully we only have six stairs and they are carpeted and padded, even at the bottom, so Ezra was not hurt, but I think he will learn pretty quickly not to mess with Matthias' food.

Matthias is also learning to talk a lot more. Yesterday after we dropped off my sister Katie at a friend's house in Chicago, he said "Katie go bye bye". This was the first time he had said her name and one of his first sentences. It is so much fun to see him learning more and more every day.

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