Thursday, July 16, 2009


So on July 1, I went to my regular doctor to get some moles looked at. She decided that I needed to get two of them biopsied and sent me to a dermatologist. On July 8, I went in and had the two spots biopsied. Ok, if you get queasy, skip to the next paragraph. How they do the biopsies is that they give you a shot of lidocain behind each spot. That numbs the area completely. Then they take a razor blade and scrap off the spot. This leaves a hole, which is can be very sore and is very, very itchy while it heals. Not so much fun.

I got the results back yesterday.

The first spot was not really a mole, but was a lump on my back. It looked like a bug bite, but it has been around since about January. The dermatologist thought it was (insert big long medical term here), which is basically scar tissue. The biopsy confirmed this, so that was no big deal.

The other spot was a mole that looked abnormal. There are basically three different results that you can get. The best is that the cells are benign and there is nothing to worry about. If this is the case, then you get a call in the mail. If it is one of the other options, you get a call from the nurse. The second possibility is that the cells are atypical and the worst possibility is that the cells are cancerous. Well, yester day I got a phone call. As soon as I answered the phone and heard that it was the nurse from the dermatologists I got nervous. The biopsies came back that the cells are atypical. This means that it is not cancerous, but pre-cancerous. It may turn into cancer, it may not. So what we are doing now is just keeping an eye on it. I will be going back in six months for a check. If nothing changes, I'll probably just have to keep going in for checks. If something does change, then we will have to treat it somehow. So the news was ok, not good or bad.

So that is what is new with me. Thank you to all who prayed for me while I was waiting for results.


  1. glad to hear its nothing bad at this moment

    im going for my third round of blood work myself as my red blood cell count and platelet count are both elevated (have been for the past two blood tests over a two month period) so im hoping thats nothing too serious

    ive kinda stopped with my blog because i kinda actually forgot about it lol


  2. Glad to hear that you got your results back. I'm also happy to hear that it isn't anything serious yet! Thank goodness for dr.'s and the ablility to check things like this!

    See you Sunday!


  3. Shelley,

    We will continue to pray for you and for the future tests. Praise God for the technology we have.