Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

So I've been a bad blogger. I blame it on the weekend. We went up to my parents' house for the long weekend. It was fun, because my sister was home from college, so the whole family was together for the weekend. And if my brother gets into college in Texas, this might be one of the last times we're all together for a while. So it was a good weekend.

Today was Ezra's weight check. He was 15 lbs 5.5 oz! That is a 1 lb 4 oz weight gain! We were expecting a good turn gain because he was eating like crazy this past weekend. He was definitely going through a growth spurt.

We are tweaking his feedings just a little bit. Obviously having cereal added to his bottles helps him gain weight. Plain breast milk and formula are not enough. But pumping is not going well. So now I am going to nurse him and then follow it up with a bottle that will have either breast milk or formula with rice in it. Since my supply has gone down, I'll probably be giving him a bottle at every other feeding or so. Although I am hoping to keep breastfeeding, I am not opposed to formula. So we'll just see how it goes.

We also started feeding him cereal by spoon once a day. It is going ok. He likes to keep his hands by his mouth, so it is definitely messy. This week we are going to start feeding other foods, probably some yummy veggies.

In other development news. Ezra is rolling like crazy. It's fun to see him move. This weekend he also started pushing himself up on his hands and knees. He just wants to be on the move. Tomorrow we are going to go buy him a jumper activity station, because he loves to be upright and I am getting tired of bouncing him up and down on my lap.

Matthias is doing well also. He had a rough nap time this afternoon. He was climbing out of his bed and got his pacifier stuck in the bed rails. And while trying to pull it free he ripped the tip of the pacifier off. Let me tell you he was not happy. Now I know a lot of people would have taken the opportunity to be done with the pacifier, but I'm not ready for that battle, so we headed off to the store to buy more this afternoon. He only (usually) gets it during sleeping times, so I'm not too bothered that he still has it.

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