Monday, September 12, 2011

Kid Memories

So I haven't written in forever.  Brief update: I finished the nursing part of my program and I take the NCLEX (board exam) on Friday. And I'm looking for a job. And taking graduate classes.

But enough about me. One of the reasons I have this blog is for myself to remember the various antics the boys do.  I want to remember them and even though I plan to put all these types of things into my scrapbooks, I'm currently more than four years behind in my books and am sure I'll forget things by the time I get caught up. So I am recommitting to writing the various stuff the boys do on this blog. Mostly for myself, but obviously anyone else can enjoy them as well.

Matthias: Matthias started preschool last week. He is super smart.  He can say and recognize the alphabet (though he misses a couple of letters once in a while).  He counts to 20. He is starting to do simple addition.  He loves trains!  He is definitely quieter and more sensitive.  He loves to sit and play by himself, but also enjoys playing with Ezra.

Ezra: Ezra is my outgoing, talker. He talks up a storm and even if no one is paying attention to him, he doesn't stop talking and makes up stories. He loves "strawbears" (strawberries).  Yesterday, Ezra and I were going to Jimmy Johns to pick up supper and he told me a story about how we were on the Island of Sodor (Thomas the Tank Engine reference) and going to find a Jimmy Johns.  He's a people person who hates being alone.

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