Thursday, November 19, 2009

Calvin didn't escape.

Last week tuesday, Calvin came home from work with a fever, cough, and body aches. And it didn't break until early Friday morning. So he had to stay home Wednesday and Thursday. He should have should have stayed home Friday as well, but he woke up without a fever and was itching to go. I'm knocking on wood, but so far I have remained healthy! I have been dealing with some weird ear pain though. My left ear is plugged and hurts. But it's not an ear infection. It's kind of a mystery.

Calvin's dad also came to visit last weekend, which was fun.

This week, the boys and I are at my parent's house. I have a Pampered chef Open House/vendor fair, so we thought we'd come visit.

Matthias learned how to take the duct tape off his diaper. Which has made for some awful messes (poop fingerpainting on the walls). Our new solution is putthing him in pjs that have a zipper up the front and safetypinning the zipper shut. Hopefully that will work. Unfortunately it means buying new pjs, since most of his pjs are pants and a top. But it is a small price to pay for not having to scrub poop off the walls (did you know poop takes off paint?) and the carpet.

But the biggest news is that Matthias actually went pee on the potty! I know this is such a mom-thing to say, but this is great news. Hopefully, fully potty training will come soon!


  1. Yay for potties!!!! And about the poop, you will have a lot to hold agains him when he's older. When he asks why he has to do something for you then you can always bring it up "you need to do this because I wiped your poop off the walls!" I'm totally hoping that I don't have to go through that phase. You are a great mama to your little men!

  2. Fully potty trained would be fantastic...and it would eliminate this finger painting with poop problem! Praying you remain healthy!