Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gorgeous Days!

Today was absolutely gorgeous! It was in the 80s and sunny. Beautiful! Matthias and I played outside while Ezra took a nap. Matthias loved it!

The boys have been sleeping great lately (knock on wood, I really hope I don't jinx this!). Last night both boys slept through the night. And not just slept through the night, but slept in! Ezra slept in until 9:00 and Matthias slept in until 9:30! So you'd think I'd have gotten a great night of sleep as well, huh? Not so much. I woke up at 3:30 am and could not get back to sleep. It sucks. I tried all of my tricks to get myself to go back to sleep and nothing worked. So finally at 5:00, I got up and went for a run. It was already in the 60s and the run was beautiful. After getting home and taking a shower I went to get a couple of groceries. All before Calvin even got up. Oh well. I did manage a nap this afternoon while the boys slept.

The boys are growing up so much! I can't believe it. And they are so funny. I heard Matthias get up, so I went to go let him out of his room. Before I got to his door, I saw him picking up all of his clothes off the floor and put them in the hamper. It was so cute! He dragged the hamper with him as he walked around the room picking up each piece of clothing. Usually he is the one putting the clothes all over the room and I am the one putting them in the hamper. He is also starting to speak a few more words. He says Ehra (Ezra), baby, carrot, door, dog, go, yes, no, yep, and probably some others I can't remember. It's funny. He says baby and Ezra, but won't say Baby Ezra. And his new favorite food is carrots. He ate about half a pound of them today.

Ezra is starting to get better too. He is coughing less and seems less congested. He tried carrots today for the first time and loved them, just his big brother. He also continues to move. He hates staying in one place too long.

Well that's all for now. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get to play outside again!

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