Friday, May 15, 2009

Crawling. I'm not ready for this.

Ezra started crawling over the weekend. It's not the full hands and knees crawl, but more of an army/inch worm type crawl. And let me tell you that he is FAST! Everytime I turn around he's half way across the room and getting into something new. The days of just laying him on the floor while I try to get work done are over. He needs to be strapped in something to keep him put. The problem is that he doesn't want to stay put, so I have very limited time where I can leave in him the jumper, rocker, or swing. Oi vey.

In other news, I've been trying to organize the playroom and my office space. In order to do this, we purchased some new cabinets to increase our storage space. The playroom was really easy to do, but my office is taking a little longer. I just have so much paperwork to sort and I really have to look at each piece and decide whether to keep it, file it, or do something else with it. Most of it is medical bills and those are annoying. Since I can't always pay a medical bill right when I receive it, I sometimes get a second bill. So then I have to sort out whether or not I paid it. And since we have had quite a few medical expenses in the last 6 months, there are a lot of bills to sort through. Slowly, but surely I'll get through them all.

Matthias is doing well. He is communicating a lot more, although he needs to work on his English.
Oh, and you know how I was so excited that Ezra was not going to have to see a doctor at all in May? Well, Ezra likes his doctor too much to let that happen. He ended up going in today to get checked out. He has a sinus infection that he can't seem to shake. It's been going on for like four weeks. Last week, his doctor had called in a prescription for an antibiotic for him. It hasn't made a difference. So today, she put him on a stronger antibiotic, but she isn't sure if he'll be able to make it through the whole ten days. Apparently this antibiotic can cause severe vomiting and diarrhea in a normal baby and with his history, it will probably be worse. So we'll see what happens. Apparently, Ezra is not ready to give up his status as medical problem child. But he sure is cute.Here's Matthias on his birthday.

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  1. Poor Ezra. Such a cutie though. Hope he's better from the sinus infection. I'm still in awe of how different Matthias and Ezra look! Good luck with the organizing!!