Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9

Today I am thankful that I am not a single mom. I know I've already mentioned how thankful I am for Calvin, but he was away on a business trip yesterday and today and I was on my own with the boys. That meant yesterday morning I had to get the boys up and going earlier than normal and by myself.

Of course that meant I left later than I was hoping and had to rush to drop the boys off at the baby sitter's house. And of course since the boys were up earlier than normal, they were cranky.  Thankfully I made it to class on time.  On Mondays I'm done with classes at 12:15, so I usually drive back home and study until my fitness class. Yesterday, I went to a Starbucks near the babysitter's house to study and then picked up the boys early. Then I took them to the YMCA and dropped them off at the daycare so I could go to my fitness class.  After class I picked up the boys and grabbed some McDonald's on the way to a dermatology appointment for the rash on Matthias' face.  Finally we got  home at about 7:30pm, half an hour past the boys' bedtime.  Thankfully they went right to sleep.

Then this morning it started all over. Thankfully Calvin was able to get home in time to pick up the boys from the baby sitter's because I had a late clinical. I don't know how single moms juggle it all and I admire them for all they do for their families.  I'm just thankful that I have Calvin to help me get through the craziness that is our life.

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