Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good boy, not so good parenting

So tonight after he went to bed, Matthias got up, left his room, found the potty, brought the potty to his room, stripped down and peed on the potty. YAY! Here's the unfortunate part. Calvin walked in and saw Matthias naked and  proceeded to punish him (if you remember, we had some pooping paintings that have made us gun shy of naked little boys).  He then realized that Matthias had peed on the potty, so he felt bad and told Matthias he was sorry for punishing him and praised him a lot. So hopefully that punishment won't deter the potty training, because that was a GIANT step forward for Matthias.


  1. So funny that you wrote on this. I just posted my latest blog entry on the fact that sometimes as parents we need to own up to our mistakes.
    And awesome that Matthias peed on the potty all by himself! We've been working with Caleb on it and he knows not to "pee in the car." He has underwear with cars on it lol