Friday, October 16, 2009

New Words

Matthias' speech has just taken off in the last month or so. He is learning new words every day and it is so cool to watch. He loves to talk about stuff he sees and is also able to communicate his needs more and more. But, like most children his age, he doesn't always have the pronunciation down. One of his favorite words is 'truck', but instead of the 'tr' sound, he makes a 'f' sound. So that is an interesting predicament when he is yelling at all the trucks he sees driving by. I'm sure people sometimes wonder what he must hear at home, but I guarantee that it is not that word!

Ezra is doing great. He seems like he is almost ready to walk, but just doesn't want to let go and take that first step.

My Human Anatomy class is going well. I love the material and am doing quite well on the quizzes and tests.

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